1- Underground Parking
2- Parking Tower
3- Parking Puzzle
4- Parking Automation
5- Elevator Car
6- Parking Jack
7- Rotating Car Table

Fanavaran Sanat Milad at a Glance

The leading Fan avaran Sanat Milad, in the design, implementation and operation of the mechanized parking so far, in cooperation with the private sector and the municipality of Tehran to build parking lots all in different areas of Tehran and Iran with the aim of developing mechanized capabilities and increase customer satisfaction.

Achieve self-sufficiency and increase national production has always been the main belief at all levels of the executive directors of the company.

Brilliant records and integrated design and engineering fanavaran sanat Milad from the beginning of the establishment of the company in 1380 so far, evidence of efforts, expertise and tireless executive agents and the engineering of this company.

Also, with the aim of developing mechanized parking lots all across the country, this Industrial Group to cooperate with the m P. E Japan for technology transfer. The national development and sustainability of production heart great family fan avaran sanat Milad.


Figurs and Statistics


The park made


The park is designed



Construction projects

Safety and comfort in investment consulting staff requires conscious, capable and responsible.

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What you need to know

1) safety and comfort in the investment requires consulting staff informed, capable and responsible.

2) design, consciously and in accordance with the needs of the day, is essential for the individual and social comfort all people in the community.

3) The ability to run and precise and comprehensive monitoring in line with the standards of the world


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