Parking Puzzle

Due to the growing need to car in the big cities and industrial and office space in homes or place was not suitable park of mechanized parking, a fundamental solution to solve this challenge.

Safety when entering and leaving

  • Determine the length of the car
  • Determination of the height of the car
  • Determine the weight of the car
  • The necessary warnings to pay attention to the environment
  • Car wheel retaining
  • Control by PLC monitors the environment, the
  • Exact location of the palette when entry and exit

Safety When Park

  • The anti-fall system
  • Automatic reaction of the whole system in danger
  • Control the movement of the pallets and lifter
  • Hazard system
  • Emergency Stop
  • Perfect balance car when moving
  • Monitor control by PLC
  • Fire extinguishing system

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picture 1

The streets and parks

picture 2

The courtyard homes or office buildings

picture 2

The parking ramp that descends

picture 2


Technical Specifications

The specifications of the car Car Types Small Medium Large
car size(L*W*H) 1450*1800*4700 1550*1850*5100 1550*1900*5300
weight of the car 1500≥ 1700≥ 2100≥
Specification Sliding Parking A 2350 2400 2450
B 5400 5700 6000
C 7200≤ 7350≤ 7500≤
Height 3600≤
Other Specifications Driving method The engine and chains
The method The button and automatic
The power 380V/50Hz
Moving at a height Engine Power 2.2kw
Fast 4m/min
Moving within Engine Power 0.2kw
Fast 8m/min

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