Parking Jack

The semi-mechanized parking (Jackie) can be installed in all places such as factories, the yard and parking, the parking ramp that descends and homes. . .

The performance of this device allows you to their place in the limited space parking a car, the car park. The first car park in less than 60 seconds and by lifting up and then the second car.

The benefits of this device include the following:
  • 1392-11-28 function in a way that does not require the presence of the Guardian Council or the operator.
  • Cheap price compared with the high cost of traditional parkings construction.
  • The device can access control system according to the customer as Key Pad or tag.
  • Is theft of the car and mainted car damage.
  • The high quality of the components to prevent any
  • Test the power of the 150% and 120% in the static Capacity Capacity is dynamic.

Technical Specifications

The capacity of the 2 or 3 cars cars
Type of car (3000cc) medium/large Cashier
Car size (L X W X H) 1950/1550*2050*5200
weight of the car 2000kg
Control Electrical
Power supply 3phases,5lines AC380V/50Hz
Description Displacement car in line with vertical
Per capita level of the occupation of the earth 5 square meters (3)
at least dimensions of the land 2*6.5 meterm
Benefits Cost of making low
Cost low maintenance
Time short
in The construction and installation of small
Disadvantages Need to create appropriate foundation and the excavation limited capacity